Unveiling The Hashtag: Twitter’s Secret Wit

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Unveiling Twitter’s Secret Wit one day at a time.

It starts with a small group of people in the morning, GMT, but members are all over the globe. After eating breakfast, wishing each other well, someone in the group will do this:

#cowfilms Moo-Struck

While hashtags are used to spread news and tag information to topics all across Twitter, there are some small communities that are building their own niche by playing what is called, “A Hashtag Game.” An interactive game of verbal cuckoldry played across the landscape of Twitter, players challenge each other to come up with the best spoofs on the topic they can.

Sometimes the topic will take one or two tries before the group seems to swing with abandon towards the Hashtag of the Day. It is a battle of wits, a soiree of silliness, fencing puns and a fun way to wake up.

This is one small community on Twitter but recently, their game has caught the interest of more and more users. This week alone, what begins with them in the morning blossoms and flourishes by the evening hours. Celebrities on Twitter begin participating, like Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright. The game is too fun to resist.


Before long, the Hashtag of the Day reaches the top list of Twitter’s Trending Topics. The original group, already playing another Hashtag, are bemused, suddenly seeing others repeat witty answers and plays on words.

Most notable reactions were towards the known celebrities who, in showcasing their sense of humor, unknowingly copied answers the players had already come up with.

“Hey, John Favreau, that’s mine!”

Conspiracy theorists may think what they wish about the hashtags like #cowfilms but in reality, it begins every morning with the same small group. They nurture it throughout the day and others catch on to the game. It’s silly. It’s clever. Most of all, it’s fun.

Wednesday, November 4, 10:00 PM EST

Copyright 2009 Kimberly Cox

  1. It’s always cool to watch the progression of the witty hashtags as they involve into trending topics. The best ones really make you laugh and think which will always get a thumbs up from me. A great explanation into this wonderful phenomenon.


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