People, People, People


There was such a tremendous response to my last post. Had I not been swallowed up today by real life (you know, that habitat beyond the realm of blogs, television, Twitter, and popular entertainment…) I’d immediately write a comprehensive follow-up.

I encourage you all to go and read the comments and responses posted. Why? Because most were very intelligent and the discussion is one I wish to continue.

In the meantime, let us not give in to the temptation and ease of misunderstanding each other. Think before drawing a conclusion. Festine Lente, “Make haste slowly.” Recognize the importance of asking questions and embrace a healthy skepticism. As opposed to engaging for the sake of conflict, try to engage for the sake of learning more about what you may not understand. If we all agreed with each other, then things would be so boring and tedious. The extreme opposite, a polarized battle of disagreement with charges rallied back and forth without substance or continuity, is just as tedious and boring.

For those who wish to be hostile and negative, you are free to be so. I won’t stop you. Neither willing, nor assuming any ability to change immutable human passions, please continue about your business. Since that is your prerogative and mine differs, I ask only for that mutual respect to put as much distance between you and I as possible.

And for those of you who wish to respectfully debate, you are always welcome to come stop by. It is the challenge of communicating clearly in an age of 140 character tweets, text messages and that antiquated form of talking face to face. Miscommunication may as well be the cockroach of our human condition, we are so prone to it. Let’s not allow the immediacy of this day and age perpetuate the ease with which people misconstrue the message. You know the truth in your gut. No one can tell you otherwise or take that away; unless you let them, that is.

Ah this life and all the people, people, people……

YOU CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL, MAL….   “Firefly” “Serenity” ….Browncoats Forever.

  1. I found the topic and the responses quite stimulating. “Author, Author!” It is amazing how quickly our attempts to communicate get misconstrued. A rule of thumb I chose to adopt (as of yesterday)…be willing to believe that you don’t know anything about what anyone means when they say what they say. You know what I mean??? LOL!


  2. “Miscommunication may as well be the cockroach of our human condition, we are so prone to it.”

    I completely agree with this statement.

    Which, if you consider our capacity for being misinterpreted in the flesh, is only made worse when communicating primarily through a means where one can only judge or gauge a person by words and definitions. Sure, you can use capitalization, italics, or bold font to emphasize, but the danger is still present.

    Thanks again for yesterday’s entry. I’ll be reading. =)


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