Validick That, Summa Cum Loudeek


Etymology. Linguistics. The archipelago of our evolution. Future historians will look back at the Galapagos of 21st Century culture to admire the Giant Tortoises, remnants of Latin, Greek, Germanic, Medieval, Romantic Languages, etc…

Transmogrify me, now.

“Twiving” — behold the etymological evolution!

Further proof that the early 21st Century will be characterized, not by the rise of Geeks (which will remain accredited with late 20th Century digital pioneers, comic book creators and Star Trek: The Next Generation) but by….

Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealism ®

Soon to be opposed by Subneosurrealism ® the proud apotheosis of 20th Century Geeks.

The Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealists will eventually fall from grace due to the early onset of mid-life crises (not to be confused with the quarter-life crisis, as the shelter of Academia, like the Walls of Troy, will shield them from the Trojan Horse during their second and third decades.)  Failure to develop the adaptations necessary to survive outside of the Academic habitat, most will crawl back into the redundancy of educational institutions.

Unfortunately, the Geek and Subneosurrealist prodigy will infect their precious student body. Laughing at Professors for the banality of poor vernacular (eg. “Twiving,”) the Preparatory and Undergraduate world will no longer provide the shelter necessary for Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealism.

Petrified fossils of regurgitated human idiocy, the mid to late 21st Century Twippies ® (middle aged Preppies embracing the Hippy Culture via Twitter from their isolated cabins and compounds) will become the laughing stock of the Information Age.

All because they are etymologically retarded — despite their 27+ years matriculating academic institutions. Further proof that there is no point to a Masters or a PhD or however many degrees and certifications one achieves so…

Validick that Summa Cum Loudeek!! ®

ps. Do I give good gravy or what?

Go see the great post on METAPHORIC GRAVY’S tumblrrrrr

  1. Love it–don’t forget Tweetonanism!


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