I’ll Be Your Uber-Marionette

In poetry on October 9, 2011 at 3:35 AM

How’s about you just put me to sleep

So I never    – quite –    wake up.


Style my hair however you wish

Pick whatever clothes to dress me in

Tie all the strings, connect all the lines,

I’ll wink, I’ll grin, I’ll shine


I’ll be your Uber-Marionette 

I’ll be your emotionless human puppet.


Make me from paper bags


Laundry socks

Whatever form

Shaped in shadows

Make me from chicken wire, a shell!

A Shell made of Sky-Blue paper-mache

I’ll be your Uber-Marionette 


At last in my own reverie.

Hand carve me from wood

Design only craftsmen master

Reshape me with gentle hands and familiar tools

Spend days, weeks, months

Finding that perfect shade of green

For my eyes.

Tie all the strings, connect all the lines

I’ll wink     •     I’ll grin     •      I’ll shine

Your Little Uber-Marionette

Emotionless and hollow 

Your darling ironic puppet .


But I know something you don’t know.

After awhile

You’ll wish I was real

Waking me up

Forgetting our deal

To let my soul sleep

As you do what you will.


And with fury and madness

Whirl like a dervish

Spinning awake

Hurling      •     Twisting

Faster      •     and Faster      *FASTER!

The lines all snapping

The strings go flying,

Faster, Faster   •   … still …

Cyclonic rage

The uber-marionette gives way

Sucking you into its vortex


And when the tornado dissipates





A  Puppet


Copyright 2011 by Kimberly Cox, GidgetWidget™

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