Sonnet MMXII, 6.1 (Untitled)

In SONNETS on June 1, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Allay this, Time; at long last, grant rest here?

Thou keep’st a fair wager, well-played and won;

So, keep more fair in leaving each lost year,

By Thee, thus free from me; done, as is done.

Wretchèd I plea for my gamble and waste.

These are to Thee as pebbles for skipping;

Forever gone. To Thy sea—Pure, still chaste!

They are to me as precious pearls, weeping.

Alas, I see Time’s purpose: Retrospect.

Alack, for Youth and inexperience;

Assuage, ephemeral years, due respect;

Anoint, Thy pebbles here; mark, their conscience.

For Time doth win its years: harsh, just and fair;

Lest all years hence be lost to more despair.

Written for you at 03:30 EDT, 01-June-2012, by your Gidgie.

Copyright 2012, by KHC, All Rights Reserved.

  1. Okay, I just posted GOODBYE TO THE HOUSE ON PEACHBLOSSOM CREEK so give it a read and let me know what you think! xx


  2. I actually compose the sonnets I write to adhere with its structure, as closely resemble the Shakespearean meter and syntax, as I can. It’s proven a challenging and worthy exercise. If you are curious I’ll link or post another poem written in prose that might meet with your suggestion? Let me find it! xx ~gw


    • I imagine it’s a major challenge to create an authentic sonnet–and you’ve succeeded. That’s what made me think that seeing it in different styles might highlight how interesting and efficient the sonnet form is. I look forward to the link.



        It’s actually on the Main Page, I posted it last night! But apropos of your inquiry and its inferred objective, I believe your suggestion might prove an interesting exercise! Which other styles would you suggest? A Refrain? A Petrarchian sonnet form? A haiku? A Rondelle?


        • I figured that was it–I like it, great pacing. As far as other styles, what got me thinking about that was that I saw that it obviously took effort to use the sonnet form and it seems like it would be interesting to see how it sounds with other forms–not that you don’t have better things to do with your time. But it might be fun to do a Keats-like ode, something in the style of Eliot or Yeats and then a Ferlinghetti sort of free verse.


  3. I like it! Because of the timeless nature of the sentiments this sonnet expresses, it might be fun to play with it and recast it in different tones (e.g, modern phrasng, slangy) and see how it feels.


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