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Inconsistent Constant

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Captured: now both in mirrors & the “selfie”, infinitely or inconstant?

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Inconsistent Constant

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Question: If Lewis Caroll were writing his Alice today, would he change the title?

It is a lot more difficult to post blogs and blog entries because I do not have a functioning computer. So, I have to do everything by my smartphone. That might explain why I am so constantly inconsistent. I don’t want to be but it’s the reality for me. I accept it but I don’t like it.
So, things are changing so fast due to technology and I have not been able to share my thoughts as before, when I started this blog.
To get right to the point, I’ll share with you the question that I’m wondering about right now. I don’t quite know how to articulate it yet but maybe you can help: If more than one mirror captures the same reflection, at the same moment, the looking glasses all continue their individual perspective infinitely, right?

Considering psychical and paranormal research, in the late 1800s, and the choice title of THRU THE LOOKING GLASS by Lewis Carroll, compare today’s culture, technology and perceptions with that era.

Are you starting to see an echo? 


What would the title be if Carroll’s ALICE were written and published in February 2017?

…60 seconds, You can stop & LISTEN, yes?

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Just give it a shot, eh?

Roman View

From the Garden of St. Sabine, The History of Rome at Sunset

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