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Sonnet MMXII, 6.1 (Untitled)

In SONNETS on June 1, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Allay this, Time; at long last, grant rest here?

Thou keep’st a fair wager, well-played and won;

So, keep more fair in leaving each lost year,

By Thee, thus free from me; done, as is done.

Wretchèd I plea for my gamble and waste.

These are to Thee as pebbles for skipping;

Forever gone. To Thy sea—Pure, still chaste!

They are to me as precious pearls, weeping.

Alas, I see Time’s purpose: Retrospect.

Alack, for Youth and inexperience;

Assuage, ephemeral years, due respect;

Anoint, Thy pebbles here; mark, their conscience.

For Time doth win its years: harsh, just and fair;

Lest all years hence be lost to more despair.

Written for you at 03:30 EDT, 01-June-2012, by your Gidgie.

Copyright 2012, by KHC, All Rights Reserved.

Fall Sonnets

In SONNETS, Uncategorized on October 28, 2009 at 10:02 PM

For Remittance Girl

Light rain was falling and the night train leaves;

With me aboard inside her warm lit cars;

No goodbye from you. We were thick as thieves;

You and I, a pair we two, hot night bars,

Dancing, Laughing, Behold our Spring of Youth

The men, how they wept upon milky skin;

Dared them, we two, with drinks to share their truth;

Slice back our ruse; Slice forward our sweet sin!

Oh but black are the hearts of men; but Oh—

Nothing is more black than horrid Thee, Snake

Turning as you did into a sparrow;

Now, gone from me, still pecking so hearts quake;

Lust slithers, as the train slithers away,

Swallow’d by rain, lost to your temptress play.



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Burning Change

In SONNETS on October 8, 2009 at 5:33 PM

Thine eyes, their sweet sense, swaying in my dreams,

Climbing up the quiet staircase with me,

Up, like two children in dark hallways, lost;

Wandering for a sleep’s eternity.

Cruel fate if I awake, remembering,

Thy tender touch and loving soft fingers.

Cool breeze across the wheat, remembering,

Oh my life, my love, so much more lingers.

Oh list! Cruel, pernicious Fate deems thee gone.

Truant day passing again like before;

Why doth these veins burn with life? See, White Fawn,

What woe for now I know thou lov’st me more.

My beloved, memory never leaves;

And until we meet again, your Love grieves.

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