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The Mysterious Message From 1636: Lost and Found

In Uncategorized on June 30, 2012 at 1:10 PM

Honestly, I need help from the brilliant classics scholars and antiquarian bibliophiles here on the internet. I admit I am stumped. Utterly incapable of trying to decipher the calligraphy and language on this little item….

I found it in a giant bin of other ephemera at a flea market.

Is it really from 1636?

And what was it written on? (Yikes, I hope it’s NOT human skin!)

Most of all, what does it say?

After studying it until my eyes rolled back into my head, I realized I’m out of my depth and must appeal to the great brains and learned scholars here for help.

Here is the first side:

Smaller Image of Side One

This is provided for readers perusing this post.

Both of these files are very large, and may appear strangely on the blog post. But I realized that without first scanning the item, I was at a disadvantage, hence, I’ve uploaded the full scans here.

By clicking on them individually, you’ll be able to see the full image, zoom in and out, etc… It helps tremendously to allow the perspective to focus on details you otherwise would not see clearly, especially considering the calligraphy.

Click the link below to see the full article:

For the reader for whom I have peaked interest, I advise clicking the image below, to see the full scale.

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