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In Daily Musings, poetry on November 1, 2010 at 7:06 AM

I needed a place to put the poetry, the short stories, the Musings at large. Too long, keeping them to myself, some things are meant to be shared.


What happened to the poems and how did they get so lost?

The poems

Scattered papers through the air

Churned by the busy street

In the rain she walked and thought, ‘there is nothing new to this at all…’

Scattered pages

Worthless poems, worthless words

Flying dramatically, diving and scattering

Who let go?

Who was last to let go?

Watching through broken glass

Forcing time to slow down enough to notice

Falling apart.


Light me a light

To break the shadows on the inside

Light me a light

To hit me softly under-inside



After the long days journey, the passing of another cold damp winter, the merging of time from past to present…. They stood on that street corner, looking at eachother in silence, eyes locked.

She took a step back off the curb, her face melting into a question.

His eyes never moved but his jaw locked in reaction…

Even in silence, the simple movements carried the communication.

The evening settled in around them.

And the world held its breath waiting to see who would move next.

Statues, these moments for statues,

holding in their seconds …. a sense for both of them,

that they were …. timeless.

Captured in the glow of the setting sun, preserved in twilight.


She was a wax figure

and he was a porceline doll…

As she began melting,

cracks began weaving a netting from the top of his head, down his body.

As she dropped in slow molasses lumps,

he finally shattered all in one instant.


Breaking the silence.


Burying the past with the present.

Announcing the arrival of night.

And purging the future.


Copyright 2008 By Kimberly Cox

Originally posted, 07-October-2009, 11:15

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