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Sonnet MMXII, 6.1 (Untitled)

In SONNETS on June 1, 2012 at 5:30 AM

Allay this, Time; at long last, grant rest here?

Thou keep’st a fair wager, well-played and won;

So, keep more fair in leaving each lost year,

By Thee, thus free from me; done, as is done.

Wretchèd I plea for my gamble and waste.

These are to Thee as pebbles for skipping;

Forever gone. To Thy sea—Pure, still chaste!

They are to me as precious pearls, weeping.

Alas, I see Time’s purpose: Retrospect.

Alack, for Youth and inexperience;

Assuage, ephemeral years, due respect;

Anoint, Thy pebbles here; mark, their conscience.

For Time doth win its years: harsh, just and fair;

Lest all years hence be lost to more despair.

Written for you at 03:30 EDT, 01-June-2012, by your Gidgie.

Copyright 2012, by KHC, All Rights Reserved.


In poetry on December 10, 2011 at 3:19 PM

Fall, Ephemeral Fall

Sonnet Tweeted Live, 12-10-11, 14:10 EST, #GWxii

* * * * * * * * * *

When all honesty return’d with contempt,

Return as unspoken vulgarities;

Tis’ thine own lips, contorted; words attempt

Displacing love, truth, for false charities.


Neither Saint, nor Sinner, wherefore lies true speech?

As chaste, yet base, for layeth mine between.

Where honesty doth lie beyond thy reach,

Why speak thee lies, fallacies, so obscene?


I love not riches, prestige, nor power;

All ‘ere loved I, but true, love honesty.

Abortive, words, pluck’d barren thy flower,

Reveal how thoughts breed thy deformity.



Ephemeral petals, brittle’d rust!

Defile’d virtue, love’s truth withers to dust.

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