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Memoro Steve Jobs

In 21st Century Culture on October 6, 2011 at 4:47 AM

1892 NYT Classified Listing Requesting "Computers" For Government Jobs

He fought well in the Battle of Information.

Well, as Aeschylus, whose Epitaph, “Fought well at the Battle of Marathon,” mentions little about his achievements…

So, do we have the inability to grasp the achievements of Mr. Steve Jobs?

Not only the Greek Tragedian who helmed his path to shape the Golden Age Of Ancient Greece, Aeschylus, himself, was a man whose influence transcend time. Profound and prolific, the impact of his philosophy, science of reason and invention of vision defines 5th Century BC, Athens.

2,500 years later, Aeschylus continues to inspire, helping us, somehow.

Do not dismiss his ORESTEIA or PERSAE.

Dismiss the rumor Aeschylus died because an anomaly occurred in the sky over Sicily: a tortoise fell, striking a fatal blow to his head and fracturing his skull. Apparently, dropped by a hawk or bird.

Thus, Tortoises are responsible for killing the Ancient Greek, the Warrior-Playwright — Aeschylus, the Athenian. He fought well at the battle of Marathon.

LOTUS 1 – 2 – 3

Hence, tortoises and turtles, are relevant. Neither Steve Jobs and his “Chelonia,” nor Aeschylus and his  χελώνη , neither Darwin and his Tortoises, nor any Millennial and our turtles, could have imagined these creatures playing a small part in the dawning of a new era in human civilization.

In third grade, we had to take computer class. And that consisted of learning and practicing basic fundamentals in computer programming skills. This totally eludes me now as it did at nine, ten, eleven-years-old. Picture my freckled face scowling, immediately bored and fidgety. With the 10-12 other students, our torturous assignment always involved this Tortoise or Turtle. To make it move in a straight line. Some kids got it. I didn’t.

We have the computer I am typing on now because Mr. Jobs had a vision. His life and accomplishments will help to define the era of our Information Age. Hopefully, another 2500 years will pass and Lotous 1-2-3 will be a forgotten thing, but Steve Jobs and his role in developing computer technology, will never be.

We have the coolest gizmos — things 19th/20th Centuries’ Science Fiction fans used their imaginations to revel in.

Retrospect and Respect

While I may mourn the loss of an icon like so many others, there are a few who know Steve Jobs as a friend, family member, colleague, boss, mentor, competitor and/or beloved person. For you, I write my most sincere sympathies upon hearing the news of his passing.

We will never know the full impact of the iMac, iBook, iPod, iPad, iPhone and the other transmutations Mr. Steve Jobs has firing our digital technology. But we will know the name of a great man whose work changed our lives. Perhaps the advantage of retrospect will help us to see in 20 or 50 years more clearly.

Meanwhile, I propose we show our respect with an International Day for the great historical figures, like Steve Jobs, and their common friend, the species Chelonia: Turtles, Terrapins, Tortoises, alike.

They move, making haste slowly, FESTINA LENTE.

Let the race for the clouds, begin.

I’m Gidgie. And I ain’t PC.  Apple MACs, all the way.

Thank you, Mr. Steve Jobs.

Rest In Peace.

Thursday, October 6, 2011 ~ New York City

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