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HASHTAG THIS #MoralEthicalFail

In 21st Century Culture, TWITTER CULTURE on December 7, 2013 at 5:27 AM

The only happiness technology has proven to bring us all are akin since their appeal holds to our antiquated human condition:


2) FOOTIE (aka “soccer” or “futbol” or football”)

Thus I propose a new hashtag to my dear lovers of the war of words and wit, balls and heads:



Twitter & The 50,000 Thoughts

In 21st Century Culture on October 11, 2013 at 6:45 PM



“Welcome to your future, kiddo.” I’m gonna go write a pamphlet and paper the globe.

Alice’s Bucket List: Hashtag On Twitter, Epic Win

In 21st Century Culture, NEWS AND COMMENTARY, TWITTER CULTURE on June 9, 2011 at 1:46 AM

Within moments of seeing the first message on my stream, the hashtag #AliceBucketList was trending worldwide.

A 15 year old girl with terminal cancer just started a blog on There are only two entries thus far, but what stands out immediately? Her Bucket List.

And guess what’s on it?

…. TO TREND ON TWITTER? Some may argue no, this is not on her “Bucket List,” but by creating the trend, more people are going to see her blog and reading it.


Here she is, Alice Pyne,


Again, within moments, enough people retweeted the link to her blog and the Hashtag, #AliceBucketList, to start it trending worldwide. Behold! Twitter can be used for good. Yes, there are the #Weinergate ‘hashtagging’ species of Twitter users, but the power of this little hash symbol ought not be underestimated.

Alice Pyne helps us see how the communication and message capabilities across a social network platform like Twitter, can be used for good purposes. Despite being separated by geography, user names, and computer screens, we can actually come together and spread a little love and support. Will this really make a difference in someone’s life? Consider the case of Alice and her Bucket List as an example. She makes a difference in our lives.

Cancer is a monster many face but the importance of self-education and cancer awareness, preventative medicine and also, community support, is something every single one of us must face, NOW. Not too many folks know what to do if they are diagnosed. Not too many folks know there are things we can do to help cancer patients. But this new platform for communication has allowed for there to be a forum to access and share information like this, so more people can learn and a difference can be made.

So, to Alice, I want to say thank you.

DEVELOPING, June 9, 2011: 01:50 FROM June 8,2011: 23:45 (EST) from 19:00 (EST)

I find it fascinating that I experienced an ad hominem attack from a random Twitter user who stated in a tweet that I endorse, “Lying by any means.” I do NOT advocate for using a lie to get attention. The question is, within the 140 characters allowed on Twitter, are using “hooks” as they do in marketing and advertising, examples of “lying.” Is this an example of a “False Hook,” and an immoral event on the social network? What do you think?  See the latest from the BBC and David Cameron’s support for Alice’s Bone Marrow Donor Aim

The Flashverse Hashtag: Four Poems

In 21st Century Culture on February 12, 2011 at 9:02 PM

“Broken I”

The following is a yet-to-be-defined form of poetry or writing specific to the platform of social networking websites like Twitter or Tumblr. I have coined the term “Flashverse,” to describe the stream of consciousness, written in real time, without edit or premeditated form. In order to indicate to my followers and to people reading my timeline, after each line I use a Hashtag, in this instance #gwV. By placing the Hash or Pound symbol ( # ) before a sequence of alphabetical integers, a link is created for a new timeline featuring whatever is written under that hashtag exclusively. Unfortunately, this is not a permanent link and after 48 hours, a Flashverse like #gwV becomes unavailable unless preserved elsewhere.

“Broken I” combines both excerpts from my Twitter Timeline beginning Jan-29-2011 and ending on Feb-02-2011, and the poetry from the now defunct hashtag, #gwV. The image below represents the entire Flashverse, consolidated from the series of 140 character limit messages posted before, during and after its creation.

Each new line, represents a new message.

When a date or hashtag is indicated in parentheses after a line, the reader will identify this as either beginning or ending a sequence in the timeline.

A = A … Being told that A = G or A = M or whatever best fits someone’s agenda…. you question your own sanity. (28-Jan)

If you have to hear it enough.

I’m not a super hero. I’m as human as you. Please don’t expect me to be some flawless expectation, some character from your imagination.

And just because you have tunnel vision into the most secret parts of who I am and what I feel, doesn’t mean you have the whole picture.

#wtfdidntsignupforcombatinWWIorQUANTUMLEAPsowhythefuckamIevenbotheringwiththisextremelylonghashtagfornoreasonbutasametaphor (28-Jan)

I feel washed out, so hence the current Avi. I don’t know about you all but hearing that vandals and looters are desecrating history? (29-Jan)

It was Romain Rolland who wrote vehemently about how abhorrant this kind of desecration is during the start of WWI, in August 1914

“…Louvain is now no more than a heap of ashes–Louvain with its treasures of art and of science, the sacred town!”

“…by what name do you want us to call you now since you repudiate the title of barbarians? Are u the grandsons of Goethe or of Attila?”

“Are you making war on enemies or on human spirit? Kill men if you like, but respect masterpieces. They are the patrimony of human race.”

Find me here — somewhere between memory and the daydream — softly lapping upon the shoreline — lying beneath the wake of a beginning (#gwV)

Or drowning in the wake of the end



Fractured away with the sand — into the deep — into the darkness — swallowed among weathered stones — no limbs to fight the current

Find me here — between what is real and what is nightmare — rising in your sleep, listen as closely as you can — hear me calling

Find me here — between the memory and the daydream — reach into the hollows — straight line — gently — my mind is a spiderweb

Glistening in the darkness with fresh morning droplets of dew — as fragile, as beautiful — so easily broken — so hard to define

So unlike all others — woven with its own design — falling into nothing — hear me calling — hear it echoing — thru the salty brine

I’m there in the crest — my voice among all the rest — what you glimpse for that moment — a wave folds and foams — find me there

Find me here — take me home — bring me Home — let me rest on your shores (#gwV)

feeling twice my age…so who cares if I commit, go away…EST might be the best way…to slay my conscience, leave it forgotten in sludge

Not to notice time, not to notice age, not to notice anything but nothing, vacant, sedated, rocking day after day on the front porch

Touched by nothing, feeling nothing, seeing nothing, living nothing might be better than feeling this waste

Vacant — Fried — Alive but without sin — to die and pass into the light — hope for the better then — but not now, not with who I am


too late

too slow

too fat

too old

too much

not enough

too human

so gross

knock me out knock me out get it over knock me out knock me out knock me out get it over knock me out knock me out knock me out get it over

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Validick That, Summa Cum Loudeek


Etymology. Linguistics. The archipelago of our evolution. Future historians will look back at the Galapagos of 21st Century culture to admire the Giant Tortoises, remnants of Latin, Greek, Germanic, Medieval, Romantic Languages, etc…

Transmogrify me, now.

“Twiving” — behold the etymological evolution!

Further proof that the early 21st Century will be characterized, not by the rise of Geeks (which will remain accredited with late 20th Century digital pioneers, comic book creators and Star Trek: The Next Generation) but by….

Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealism ®

Soon to be opposed by Subneosurrealism ® the proud apotheosis of 20th Century Geeks.

The Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealists will eventually fall from grace due to the early onset of mid-life crises (not to be confused with the quarter-life crisis, as the shelter of Academia, like the Walls of Troy, will shield them from the Trojan Horse during their second and third decades.)  Failure to develop the adaptations necessary to survive outside of the Academic habitat, most will crawl back into the redundancy of educational institutions.

Unfortunately, the Geek and Subneosurrealist prodigy will infect their precious student body. Laughing at Professors for the banality of poor vernacular (eg. “Twiving,”) the Preparatory and Undergraduate world will no longer provide the shelter necessary for Post-Modern-Neoprepconarealism.

Petrified fossils of regurgitated human idiocy, the mid to late 21st Century Twippies ® (middle aged Preppies embracing the Hippy Culture via Twitter from their isolated cabins and compounds) will become the laughing stock of the Information Age.

All because they are etymologically retarded — despite their 27+ years matriculating academic institutions. Further proof that there is no point to a Masters or a PhD or however many degrees and certifications one achieves so…

Validick that Summa Cum Loudeek!! ®

ps. Do I give good gravy or what?

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