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American Media’s Silence and Sakineh Ashtiani

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Remaining absent from the coverage surrounding the International outcry against Iran and the case of Sakineh Ashtiani, her imprisoned son Sajjad, her lawyer, Houtan Kian, and the two German journalists arrested on October 10, 2010, is the American media. Minimal coverage has been seen online in the Washington Post and The New York Times. Cable news networks have also reserved any reference to the story for their online blogs. While the Canadian Newswire and The Guardian are giving the story ample coverage, the citizens of the United States of America, whose voice could offer a significant force in appealing to the Islamic Republic of Iran, remain unaware that anything is happening at all.

It is no coincidence either that the timing of Iran’s announcement to move forward with the execution of Sakineh Ashtiani occurred during the Mid-Term Elections. Nor does it surprise me that anyone I reached out to in the American Media responded. Election nights are chaotic enough in every major newsroom and they all reserve their coverage for following and reporting their outcome. However, now that the results are almost all in, why are they still remaining silent? Why will they not join the International community, who see this as a leading story?

As the execution of Ashtiani remains imminent and the global protest continues, those participating know this is affecting the Iranian Government enough to pause and hold a stay of execution. However, as of 20:00 (EST) those familiar with the Iranian Judiciary Process, are well aware of the precarious nature of how this affects both the case of Sakineh Ashtiani and others awaiting execution. America’s MSM has yet to step up and report on this story for the American people. I implore those who can influence the heads of editorial to consider giving a reasonable amount of coverage in order to inform our citizens of this horrific case.

Most recent coverage here, advocates for the efforts to save an Iranian mother’s life. Dr. Phyllis Chesler offers a solid synopsis of what is happening right now. However, we still need your help. We need you to spread word of this effort to put pressure on the UN, Iran’s allies and join in with the rest of world, condemning the treatment and human rights violation in the case of Sakineh Ashianti, her son and the two German journalists currently imprisoned by Iran’s government.

From The New York Times, November 4, 2010

By The Associated Press

The rights group Amnesty International has urged Iran to immediately release the son and the lawyer of an Iranian woman sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, saying the two were only trying to save her life. According to the London-based group, the woman’s son, Sajad Ghaderzadeh, and her lawyer, Javid Houtan Kian, were arrested Oct. 10, along with two German citizens who were seeking to interview the son. Iran has temporarily suspended the stoning verdict against the woman, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, 43, and suggested that she might be hanged instead for her involvement with the murder of her husband. Ms. Ashtiani remains on death row in Tabriz and “could be scheduled for execution at any time,” Ann Harrison, Amnesty’s Iran expert, said Thursday

From The Guardian

By Matt Kennard, November 4, 18:01 GMT

It’s shameful that other Latin American leaders have not followed Lula’s lead on offering sanctuary to Iran’s condemned woman.

I furthermore encourage people not to underestimate the propaganda and misinformation released by Iran to international news organizations. Just as they timed the announcement of her execution to coincide with the US Mid-Term Elections, their efforts to further subvert the media with false information and claims will continue.

From Reuters Africa

November 4, 23:00 GMT

A statement from Iran’s Embassy in London Thursday said legal hurdles still remain in Ashtiani’s court case.

“The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in London hereby announces that the recent reports and news concerning the imminent execution of Mrs Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani are all baseless and are strongly rejected,” it said.

“The judicial proceedings and process dealing with the case have not been completed yet. All the recent reports in this regard, merely baseless claims, are meant to stage a propaganda campaign and create a poisonous atmosphere against the Islamic Republic of Iran,” it said.


This is not a campaign against Iran. This is not an attempt to slander their country. It is a campaign to save a woman from unjust torture and imprisonment. It is a campaign to save her life and send a message to every country in the world, that while we respect every nation’s individual rights, we will not excuse a country from denying its citizens fundamental human rights.

Furthermore, it is important to note that the Islamic Republic of Iran may very well execute her by hanging, instead of stoning, to alleviate pressure from the International Community condemning the execution of women by stoning. Yesterday, when Mina Ahadi, spokesperson for the International Committee Against Stoning (ICAS) attended an online meeting in Paltalk, it was interrupted by a group threatening Ms. Ahadi. A new room was then opened under the title, “We Demand The Stoning of Mina Ahadi.”

The American Public needs to know that the case of Sakineh Ashtiani is among many untold stories about women who are denied the basic tenants of human rights. Yes, her situation calls for immediate action and it will take only a moment of your time to sign the two petitions which are helping to stop Iran from executing her.


Sadly, Sakineh is not alone. Please, America, we can take action that will make a difference. Instead of engaging in the partisan socio-political banter, encouraged by the MSM, we have the freedom to speak out against the violation of human rights, happening right now, in countries outside of our own.



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If anyone underestimates the power of social media networking, then all they need to do is look at the immediate situation in Iran and the case of Sakineh Ashtiani. For a complete report on the entire case, I recommend this article from The Guardian, here.


An International campaign to save the life of Sakineh Ashtiani worked in July. Now, the Iranian Regime, thinking and knowing that many of us will be focused on the Mid-Term Elections in the USA, recanted and will execute her any day now. Since the announcement 48 hours ago, every nation has issued a statement condemning the execution, just as they did in July, and close to 700,000 people have joined in the outcry against the impending act of injustice.

BUT WE STILL MUST TAKE ACTION BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. Please, take a moment and send a message to Iran and its allies. It worked back in July. It worked to stop her execution today. But without your help, they will go thru with this horrific and untenable act, despite every nations’ effort to stop it.

How is it possible for a woman to be accused of adultery after the death of her husband? Why has she remained in prison, been tortured, denied fundamental elements of due process and judiciary rights? How can it be possible for this country to first, say they will not stone a woman to death and then, four months later, just when the United States Mid-Term Elections occur, announce her execution for the following day? Why are there two German journalists, her son and her lawyer now in prison for trying to get the message out to the world?   How is it possible for a nation that sits on the Human Rights Council of the United Nations to continually violate the basic tenants of Human Rights by committing atrocities against their own citizens? How much more will the world continue to rationalize this toleration of a regime who has openly lied, recanted on promises, blocked media coverage to cover up these horrific acts of violence, torture and murder?


It’s not too late to make a difference and stop Iran again from EXECUTING Sakineh Ashtiani. A global outcry prevented them from stoning her to death in July. Now they say they will carry out the execution, despite every nation’s open statements condoning this act of horrific injustice.




You may say whatever you choose but here are some suggestions from the website that has helmed the international campaign to save Sakineh’s life and combat the human rights violations in her case:

1. I have heard that Sakineh Ashtiani might be executed tomorrow and I am calling to urge your government to halt the execution and set a global example by ensuring fairness and justice in this case.

2. I am concerned that Sakineh’s son and her lawyer have also been detained and have had no access to legal counsel. I ask that they be assured fair and humane treatment and released immediately along with the two German journalists who were arrested with them.

3. I am relieved that Iran has invalidated Sakineh’s sentence of stoning for adultery, and urge the government to ensure stoning is banned throughout Iran.


Here’s the list of numbers numbers (international codes and alternative numbers in brackets):

Australia (+61) 02 62907000 (ext.9)
Austria: (+43) (0)1 712 2650
Belgium:(+32) 02 762 3745 (2 762 3771)
Brazil: (61) 3242-5733 (3242-5124 / 3242-5874)
Canada: (613) 235 4726, 613 233-4726
Denmark: (+45) 3916 0071
Finland: (+358) 9 6845391
France: 01- 4069 7900 (4069 7971/ 4069 7914 / 4069 7916 / 4069 7966)
Germany: (+49) (0)30 84353399
Greece: (+30) 210 674 1436
India: (+91) 11- 332 9600 (332 9601 / 332 9602 / 332 0491)
Ireland: (+353) 1 288 5881 (288 0252 / 288 2967)
Italy: (+39) 06 863 28485 (8632 8486)
Japan: (+81) 3-3446-8011
Mexico: (+52) 55 – 91722691 / 91722672 / 91722699
New Zealand: (+64) 4 386 2976
Norway:(+47) 23 27 29 60
Portugal: (+ 351) 213 041 850
South Africa: (+27) 12 342 5881
Spain: (+ 34) 91 345 01 12 (91 345 0116 / 91 345 0652)
Sweden: (+46) (8) 636 3600 (765 0829 / 765 3174 / 767 7929)
Switzerland: (+41) (0)31 351 0801 (351 0802)
Turkey: (+90) 312- 468 2821
UK: call the UK embassy in Iran (+ 98) 2164 052 267 — or — fax the Iranian embassy in the UK (+ 44) (20) 7589 4440

USA: (+1) (202) 965-4990

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People, People, People


There was such a tremendous response to my last post. Had I not been swallowed up today by real life (you know, that habitat beyond the realm of blogs, television, Twitter, and popular entertainment…) I’d immediately write a comprehensive follow-up.

I encourage you all to go and read the comments and responses posted. Why? Because most were very intelligent and the discussion is one I wish to continue.

In the meantime, let us not give in to the temptation and ease of misunderstanding each other. Think before drawing a conclusion. Festine Lente, “Make haste slowly.” Recognize the importance of asking questions and embrace a healthy skepticism. As opposed to engaging for the sake of conflict, try to engage for the sake of learning more about what you may not understand. If we all agreed with each other, then things would be so boring and tedious. The extreme opposite, a polarized battle of disagreement with charges rallied back and forth without substance or continuity, is just as tedious and boring.

For those who wish to be hostile and negative, you are free to be so. I won’t stop you. Neither willing, nor assuming any ability to change immutable human passions, please continue about your business. Since that is your prerogative and mine differs, I ask only for that mutual respect to put as much distance between you and I as possible.

And for those of you who wish to respectfully debate, you are always welcome to come stop by. It is the challenge of communicating clearly in an age of 140 character tweets, text messages and that antiquated form of talking face to face. Miscommunication may as well be the cockroach of our human condition, we are so prone to it. Let’s not allow the immediacy of this day and age perpetuate the ease with which people misconstrue the message. You know the truth in your gut. No one can tell you otherwise or take that away; unless you let them, that is.

Ah this life and all the people, people, people……

YOU CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL, MAL….   “Firefly” “Serenity” ….Browncoats Forever.

Millennials, Front and Center! Version I

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March 4, 2010

All right! We blew it! We totally fell for the oldest trick in the book and now we look like hopeless idiots in front of the whole world. What was our mistake? Youth. The veracity of naivete that only comes with inexperience, adolescence and a total lack of responsibility. Characterized by our decision to participate in an election, support a candidate most of us believed in and show the world that we too, could be advocates for hope and change and a better world.

We should have known better. At least, with all the education we have had, you would think we might have picked up a thing or two in history class. But no, we made the same mistake just as naturally and easily as the generation before us, the generation before them, and so forth…

Despite all our potential and the efforts of our elders, we allowed propaganda to move us when it was there to seduce us; zeitgeist, to inspire us when it was there to distract us.

Welcome to the 21st Century and the Age of Information Technology, ushering in a new generation with all the hopes, dreams, ideals and utopianism of youth. We Millennials stand at the cusp of assuming our role in the future of our country, our world and our culture.

And we are just as stupid.


First, let’s admit we made a big mistake in the 2008 election. At least we can recognize our failure, move on and start to correct it.

The world perceives us as juvenile. Our elders look on us with doubt. And we look upon ourselves and know we are better than this. It’s not 1965 anymore and the kids who show up at political rallies acting like it’s another Woodstock are just indulging the AARP Members who are living vicariously through them.

If you really want to drag this out, then continue dithering over who’s wrong and who’s right and who’s to blame. The ugly truth is that we all share blame, we all are right and we all are wrong. Honestly, we could lose the redundant rhetoric altogether.

We are all better, much better than this and we know it. We are the Millennial Generation, stepping into the 21st Century, not with hesitation, but with purpose and with virtue. We owe it to one another to hold a higher standard than before. Let’s learn our lesson and not fall for the propaganda, the Mainstream Media or the lazy speeches that reassure us that we do live in an age of hope and change.

Most of all, it is time for Our Voice to be heard. Enough with allowing others to speak for us, to represent us and define who we are and who we will become. We know now the voracity of youth is our weakness. No one thought we’d notice any exploitation but guess what? We have.

We understand why we should not ask what our country can do for us.

Instead, we want to know what we must do for our country.

Let’s get to work.

Copyright 2010 by Kimberly Cox

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