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The Murder of James Connolly & Antonin Artaud from Gidget Widget on Vimeo.

I learned an Irish Rebel Ballad about James Connolly and a new book, Antonin Artaud’s final work, “50 DRAWINGS TO MURDER MAGIC,” recently arrived. So I sang the song, recorded it and randomly, these images happened to pop up on my screen saver…

Totally random, perhaps, but isn’t it strange how many parallels exist? It’s a short slide-show of artwork by a Frenchman and a song about an Irish Rebel.

LIFE IS SO … cruel in its magic.

James Connolly was executed on a May 12th for treason against the British. He died just before Antonin Artaud left the sanatorium to fight in the trenches of France/Belgium in The Great War. The year was 1916. Connolly, at his court martial, made reference to the Easter Uprising:

“We succeeded in proving that Irishmen are ready to die endeavouring to win for Ireland those national rights which the British government has been asking them to die to win for Belgium. As long as that remains the case, the cause of Irish freedom is safe.”

Meanwhile, Antonin Artaud returned to the sanatorium before summer’s end. At four years old, Artaud contracted meningitis and he survived the disease. Tormented his whole life by neuro-physiological damage, his work as an artist, filmmaker, actor, director, writer, and in theatre have inspired generations, including ours. The images shown here are from his final work. He died in March, 1948.

Enjoy, ~ *Gidgie

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